Will Commercial Doors Fit Your Home?

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or simply looking to revamp your current residence, you probably have considered the merits of high-quality commercial doors. A well-designed entranceway can add character, style, and that extra je ne sais quoi to your home’s overall appearance, all while giving the impression that you, as a homeowner, clearly know your way around the home decoration arena. Even the most informed homeowner might find it difficult to navigate between all the door choices out there. Hollow metal and wooden are both great options that can create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

Hollow Metal Doors

As their name would suggest, hollow metal, most commonly steel, is used to manufacture this resilient option. The hollow center is filled to ensure sturdiness and can last up to a decade longer than alternatives made of wood. They are widely considered the most cost-effective choice in the commercial doors selection. What’s more, the hollow metal is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, non-flammable, and provides increased security. They come in standard sizes as dictated by industry regulations but are also customizable for unique circumstances or functions.

When to choose: If your top priorities are efficiency and durability that can withstand extreme conditions.

When not to choose: If your search is more focused on style than functionality.

Wooden Doors

You are likely to find these on the inside and outside of your residential home. They can also be found in other non-industrial buildings, like schools, religious institutions, and hotels. This option is more cost-effective than the hollow metal choice, and they can be priced as much as fifty percent cheaper. Still, they maintain excellent performance, as they are run through all of the same preparative procedures as the heavy metal alternative. Wooden commercial doors are especially versatile because they can be ordered with or without a finish. This allows homeowners to select their preference of color or a prefinished design. These customizations offer a vast array of looks, from traditional to modern.

When to choose: When your priorities are customization, affordability, and high-quality materials.

When not to choose: When your main concern is insular or something made of a highly flame-resistant material.

What Else to Consider:

One factor worth considering when making your choice is which frame is most suitable for you and your home: classic or adjustable?

A classic frame can hold weights up to 500 pounds, is customizable, and is the most commonly used frame. Adjustable frames can hold up to 250 pounds, are customizable, and are used under special circumstances when walls and ceiling fixtures are a consideration.

There are several more kinds of frames. It is important to choose your frame based on your wants and needs. It is also suggested that all commercial doors and frames in your home are uniform in type, for aesthetic and functional reasons.

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Will Commercial Doors Fit Your Home?

Will Commercial Doors Fit Your Home?

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