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In Feng Shui, the front door is considered to be one of the most important areas in your home or place of business. The main entryway is the largest opening that allows the energy of the outer world into your inner sanctuaries. Sending out an invitation to the universe for positive energies to enter begins with applying these simple Feng Shui principles to your front door.


Shui Door Tip #1 create a clear path into your home or office space. Take a look outside, just beyond your door. Is the path clear of obstacles? Are there any large objects directly in front of your door? Even a large tree can cause problems energetically.


Clear away any restricting influences anything that would result in making it difficult for positive Chi flow to enter your domain. If energy has trouble coming in, this directly impacts the ability of your dwelling to usher in more wealth and career success. If you have problems with Chi moving in, other cures you perform in other areas of the Bagua will not be as strong.


Shui Door Tip #2 make sure your front door is strong and sturdy. Solid wooden double doors are perhaps the best choice when it comes to your main entrance. Even though you may only enter and exit through one door, the fact that a double door is present allows more Chi flow in.


Shui Door Tip #3 make sure no harmful influences are pointing at your front door. Sharp corners from nearby houses, or even sharp angles from a traffic intersection can be negative influences that throw poison arrows at your door.


One remedy is to install a Bagua mirror over your front door, which can act to reflect the negative energy away from your entrance. You may want to investigate the proper use of a Bagua mirror before installing one, as this is a powerful cure. Your front door truly is your ‘door to greater opportunity’ in Feng Shui. Be sure to keep this area healthy!