Toronto Classic Wooden Doors

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Toronto Classic Wooden DoorsToronto Classic Wooden Doors

Wooden doors have been a long time favorite of home owners. They come in so many options and are so affordable that not choosing them to meet your door needs just does not make that much sense.

Over the years wooden doors have like everything else lost some of their craftsmanship. They were largely made by hand by carpenters until the late nineteen thirties when factories took over the manufacturing of them. Along the way they lost some of their touches that were added by craftsmen.


Hollow Core

One of the most popular styles is the hollow core doors. Basically these types of doors are used as interior doors because they are not that secure. This door is made by taking two pieces of flat sheet wood, sometimes it is not actual wood but a wood product like plywood or pressboard ( a combination of glue and wood shavings) and the two large pieces are put together with a similar material frame. One piece of wood is glued to one side and one piece of wood is glued to the other side. This process creates a door that does not have anything in between the two panels, hence the term hollow core door.

These are very light weight and not very secure but they are find for interior where security is not a concern.


Solid Wooden

Solid wooden doors can be used for both interior and exterior doors. These doors can be quite expensive because they are wood all the way through unlike hollow core doors that are empty on the inside. These doors have a solid center. They are secure and very heavy. These doors were used widely before factories began turning them out in droves. You can still see many of these doors on older homes. They can also still be purchased but the cost is very high.


With solid wooden doors you will find them much more decorated and ornate than hollow core doors could ever be, because there is not enough wood to work with on hollow core doors. In these types of doors you might find glass inserts and ornate carvings.


Wooden doors come in primarily two options the hollow core or the solid models. The solid models are perfectly secure and can really add a punch to the front entrance of your home. Hollow core doors are perfect as lightweight interior doors where a little privacy is needed but not security. Either model can be purchased from most home improvement stores or online.