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When it comes to home security you may have heard over and over again that it is a must to update and upgrade your lock system. Many burglars will avoid trying to pick or tare down a lock if it looks like it is a high-quality lock. They would prefer to target homes with locks that can be easily gotten past.


ANSI Specifications

Grade 1 deadbolts are an ideal home security choice because they meet ANSI specifications. The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) is a non-profit group that has and sets standards for many different products in a number of different industries.

When a deadbolt lock meets the ANSI’s Grade 1 specifications it signifies the three following things:

  1. The deadbolt can take many strong hits from a hammer without breaking.
  2. The actual bolt on the lock goes 1 inch inside of the door frame.
  3. Can function through hundreds of thousands of open/close cycles.


*The actual number of hammer hits and open/close cycles is specific but is always subject to change. The actual numbers can be acquired through ANSI. Grade 2 locks must also pass certain specifications. Generally, Grade 2 deadbolts are only about half as effective as Grade 1 locks.


Choosing deadbolts that are given a higher Grade by the ANSI is a wise move if you want to enhance your home security.

The Grades directly relate to the quality of construction and durability of the locks. There are many other details involved in the grading system that you can research. For example, if you are choosing a mortise lock, the ANSI distinguishes between mortise locks that are Grade 1 Security, Grade 1 Operational, or both. There are different security tests to measure the functionalities of each lock when determining these various spec classifications. For home security purposes it is best to have one that is Grade 1 under both of these classifications.


Most Common Types Of Grade 1 Deadbolt Locks

There are a few different types of Grade 1 deadbolt locks to choose from, including: auxiliary deadbolts, regular and heavy-duty mortise locks, and cylindrical locks. The two most common are cylindrical and mortise locks. Of the two, cylindrical locks are by far the most common. Mortise are less common but they offer an advantage over cylindrical locks. They tend to be a much more expensive choice because they are incredibly durable. Heavy-duty mortise locks can actually last for more than a few decades.


Cylindrical locks come in many different styles and are used most often because they are very simple to install (installation of mortise locks is more involved and in most cases should be handled by your handyman). Mortise locks are installed much less often and when they are, they are generally installed at the front entrance of a home because of their heavy-duty quality and decorative designs.