Richmond Hill Door Installation Requirements

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Richmond Hill Door Installation Requirements

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Richmond Hill Door Installation RequirementsRichmond Hill Door Installation Requirements

  • Is your front door not opening?
  • Is there some rot on the sides at the bottom?
  • Do you want a different style of front door?


Here are the proper requirements of installing a front door correctly.

This is a DIY project that you can do yourself with minimum help. Some basic tools are all you need to complete this project. You will want to have a cordless drill, reciprocating saw, pry-bars, hammer, and pliers.


Get some good measurements so you can order the proper sized door.

You will want to pull the molding off inside the house so you can get a good measurement of the rough opening. Measure the width and height of the existing door, and also measure the width and height of the rough opening. These dimensions will be needed to get the right door. Be careful to take note if your sill is above or below the floor.


Take your measurements to the store and buy your door;

Order your door if you would like a special look. Ask the salesman how long it will take to get your door in stock. Consider getting the door delivered to your house if there is not a pickup in your driveway.


  • Before painting or removal of the existing door. Double check the new door’s measurements with your old door
  • Painting the door or staining? Do it on some saw horses before installation; this will be much easier than when it is installed.
  • Remove the old door by taking the hinge pins out or removing the screws from the hinges. Take off the molding inside and out, and start removing the frame. The best way to remove the frame is by cutting through it with the reciprocating saw about half way up on one of the sides. Pry out the frame and remove it starting on the side that you cut, then the top, then the other side, and the sill.
  • Time for the installation; remove any packing on the door and any screws holding the door shut and set it in place, this is where the help of a friend will be handy.
  • Start shimming the frame on the hinge side to keep it plumb and put a three inch screw in each hinge to hold the door in place. Check your door making sure the gap is even across the top. Shim the other side of the frame and place three screws in it to keep the gap even from the top to the bottom, these screws can be place behind the seal.
  • Install the knob using the manufacturer’s instructions. The door should have been ordered with two holes so you can install a deadbolt.
  • Molding will be the finishing step sometimes the existing molding can be replaced, or you might have to get new molding. Cut the molding and install with finished nails and paint or stain to match.


Your new door is installed and looks great and works way better than that old door, you were tired of looking at and fighting to get open. Congratulations you did it yourself.

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