Emergency Broken Glass Repair Toronto

Emergency Broken Glass Repair Toronto


Professional Glass Window Service & Repair offer high end delivery oriented professional glass repair and replacement services across GTA of Ontario area. If you’re a working professional, commercial building owner, business store owner or have a professional space in Toronto Ontario area, your one point solution for all your queries related to glasses would be delivered by PGWSR. They are one of the best professional service offerors across the Ontario.

What services do they offer?

They offer various glass repairing services. Their range of glass repair service includes pre booked and emergency broken glass repair, commercial as well as residential foggy glass repair, tempered glass repair, broken storefront repair and sliding door glass repair services.

Why should you hire them?

They’re result oriented professional service offer or without hampering client satisfaction. As their name suggests, they offer niche and professional solutions as per the client needs.

Glass is not an easy thing to handle due to its brickie nature and sensitivity towards environment. is made of Silica, i.e. sand which can be found at any beach; however, glass is a liquid form of sand which generally melts at incredibly high temperature of 1700 ‘C . Such glass is called soda lime / normal which is not very much clear or transparent in nature. To make it transparent for commercial usage purpose, some chemical compositions like Calcium Oxide, Sodium Oxide, Sodium Carbonate and other chemical components are added. The main physical attribute of normal soda lime is its brittleness. Such normal are useful for normal window manufacturing or ordinary sliding doors at residential level.

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At commercial level, windows & doors are essential for aesthetic yet sophisticated look of properties hence it must not be easily breakable thus tempered has been discovered. It is made via highly pressurized heat treatment and attuned by adding a counterbalancing element to make it tough in nature hence it is also called toughened glass, too. Also, when it breaks (after many efforts of course) it doesn’t break like a normal as it wouldn’t have same bond structure hence tempered broken won’t have cutting edge that a normal have. It would crumble into small granular chunks which is less likely to cause injury. Such generally used in process of making frameless door like storefronts or interior office doors. Professional Glass Window Services and Repair is master at broken storefront repair as well as tempered repair apart from normal emergency broken repair, commercial & residential foggy repair and sliding door repair services. The service area covered by Professional Window Services and Repair are District of Toronto including Hamilton, Waterloo/Kitchener ON, Barrie ON, Oshawa and Mississauga. You can dial on (866) 820-1331 to book their services or during emergency broken repair need.


If you have got a store with an amazing display of your wares but a recent natural turn of events has rendered the glass weak and brittle – not to worry when Professionals are around. Just with a simple call, we are there at your doorstep so that your store is restored to the same old self if possible with more glamour and effective door. In case of any emergency situation that needs impromptu glass fixing; we are available all the time and you can put your inhibitions to rest. Give us a call Emergency Broken Glass Repair Toronto @ (866) 820-1331 to get a free quote and know more about our services. Get the best of an expert for your home!