Commercial Locksmiths Waterloo     


Commercial Locksmiths Waterloo

Commercial Locksmiths Waterloo provides affordable locksmith and security solutions for local businesses and organizations.

Never worry about who may have unauthorized access to your business. Protect your business and know what’s going on even when you’re not there. Having an adequate business security system is a key component in protecting the property, the assets, the inventory, and your staff. Your business can be safe and secure 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We offer reasonable security solutions and high quality installation for your business.

Access Control

Keep track of who’s coming and going at your business around the clock with a secure networked door access control system. From key card control, proximity readers, key fob entry, to individualized access keypad codes, there are several ways to control who has access to your business, and ARCO Lock can help you to decide which kind of electronic locks will work best for your business security system.

High Security Locks

Would-be thieves are employing the latest and greatest in technology to get into your business, so you need to use the same to keep them out. Protect yourself against lock bumping and other thieving tactics with high security locks. Key control with high security keys that cannot be duplicated at a retail store helps you easily control who has a key to your property and how many copies of keys are in use. Our professional locksmith technicians can keep your business from becoming an easy target for crime in Waterloo and the K-W Ontario areas.

Alarm Systems

We provide the latest wireless technology for alarm system that you can control from your smartphone. These alarm systems are affordable and are usually installed in only a few hours. Wireless alarm systems are advanced security at an affordable cost. You can even easily automate your office by controlling thermostats, locks, lights and more from anywhere with your smartphone app. Our professional technicians can keep your business from becoming an easy target for crime in Waterloo and the K-W Ontario areas.

Video Surveillance

Whether you’re keeping an eye on employees, customers, or both, installing video surveillance in your retail or office business is one of the most effective ways to keep it secure. Just the presence of a commercial video surveillance system will often deter criminals and prevent most crime. When security issues do arise, the video surveillance in your office can help you to sort it out and put a stop to it immediately. If you have a business in Waterloo or anywhere around the K-W Ontario, give us a call today 1-866 282 5510