Waterloo Types Of Locksmith Services

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Waterloo Types Of Locksmith Services

Waterloo Types Of Locksmith Services

Locksmiths Do More Than Just Cut Keys

Locksmiths can provide all kinds of service that you may not have been aware of.

Locksmiths can rekey your existing locks to suit a different key so you don’t have to purchase new locks, it’s a more affordable way to achieve the same goal as changing the locks only much cheaper. Also when purchasing locks they most often come on different keys which can be a pain, when we rekey your locks we try wherever possible to key your locks alike to cut down the number of keys on your keychain. Having your locks on different keys does not offer you any better protection.


Locksmiths can key your whole house to one key, padlocks for the gates, window locks, patio doors, front door, back door, sliding laundry and security doors to the same one key, pretty cool huh?

Most people don’t know that, Imagine having one key to open your house, storage room or padlock on the gate at your home down south or the home itself. No more heavy key chain, we can even give you a small master key system to provide you with a key to give access to the gates and storage room for the gardener or pool cleaner and they can’t access the house and still giving you just one key! Suppose you have several rental properties we can key each house or Unit to it’s own key and one master key that operates all of the locks for you or the real-estate company that’s looking after your units for you. Just think how easy that would make life and it’s very affordable.


Did you know when replacing a broken security door lock your keys can stay the same, because the cylinder is a separate item to the lock so you don’t have to be inconvenienced or change your existing key.


Did you know Locksmiths can make keys to Garage door locks, mailbox locks, filing cabinet locks or even car locks from codes stamped on the locks, taking away the need of having to call a locksmith out on site and paying the price of a service call, you can bring this information directly to your local locksmith and they will cut you a key to code this can save you heaps of $$$.


Did you know pick resistant locks and key controlled systems are available offering you control over your keys? Imagine knowing that when you have taken back a key form a former employee or tenant that you can be assured that no copies were made as only the owner of the system and authorised personnel can have keys cut!