Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock

Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock will be at your side for installing, repairing or replacing commercial entrance doors. Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock services provides commercial door repair and replacement as well as commercial locks installation, repair or replacement. Our Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock service will arrive at your door as fast as 20 minutes from the moment of your call, regardless of the time of the day or night.

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Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock

Locksmith Kitchener Commercial Door Lock


With years of experience in access control and security systems, we can advise you on the best options to keep your building safe while incorporating the aesthetic component that works best with your space.  

Commercial entrance doors are usually built with durability to withstand high levels of traffic, and they must be compliant with all building code requirements. There are many different types, but generally all commercial entrance doors are aimed at safe egress, fire protection and easy accessibility. 

Our team can install, repair or replace the following types of doors into your commercial property: 

  • Hollow Core Metal Doors
  • Fire Doors
  • Service Doors
  • Counter Shutters
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors
  • Overhead Doors
  • And many more 

Different door types provide different pros and cons, so consulting with our expert will help you determine the best style for your building. Our technicians are highly trained and will provide you with superior quality work. We can also install commercial garage doors such as aluminum, un-insulated and specialty overhead commercial entrance doors. While we are not a full-service door company, we are closely affiliated with a top-notch door company who specializes in all styles of doors, and we will ensure your commercial space is equipped with the best entrance doors possible. 

We carry all types of commercial locks, from simple dead bolt to panic bars, to key-less entry ones. We are trained to install new ones or repair or replace older ones.

No matter what your commercial locksmith needs are, we will provide assistance with all of them, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Locksmith Kitchener at any moment you need us – we are here 24/7!