Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener

Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener is your number one choice for commercial locksmith assistance in the KW area.
All of our technicians are reliable, certified, and insured so that you never have to worry.

If you’ve got a problem, leave it to us to fix it. Our commercial services extend to a variety of areas, far surpassing simple key and lock maintenance.
We understand that businesses have myriad concerns in terms of security and confidentiality, which is why Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener specializes in advanced locksmith application.

Besides the many emergency services we offer to commercial settings, our technicians are equipped to handle more advanced locking systems.
The contrast between business and residential security demands are huge, and we respect that.

We elevate to a new level of professionalism to meet the needs of any corporation or small business 

The scope of our available services includes repairs, installations, and upgrades – anything your business needs, we will ensure that you get it:

Locks Repair/ Replace

New Locks Installation – commercial buildings have many offices to protect and it is important that each room has a lock and key.
We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor lock solutions for businesses of any size.

Push Bars – doors with locks do not necessarily have to have door handles.
Push bars are typically common on double-door entrances for commercial buildings. They are easy to use and easy to install.

Lock Rekey/ Master Key – for office buildings a master key is necessary for maintenance and security.
As well, when offices change occupants it is advised to change the locks – Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener can do this for you no problem!

Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener has the resources and the people to tackle any emergency situation.

High Security Locks

File Cabinet Locks – file cabinets are an excellent place for businesses to store important documents.
Having a few of these throughout the office is never a bad idea. Commercial Locksmiths Kitchener offers all commercial centres the opportunity to secure files by locks they can trust.

Access Control Systems – since commercial centers have many more entrances and exits to worry about, an access control system may be the most convenient solution.
Lock, unlock, and monitor the traffic through all doors in a building. Take it a step further and add additional security measures such as alarm systems and your premise is completely secure.

Mail Box Locks

When dealing with businesses and commercial centers, it is crucial to have the necessary man-power to get through every task in good time.
Emergencies need to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that hours are not wasted in the office.

Additionally, we have the experience to take on any job confidently, guaranteeing consistent professional results.